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“I think feminism starts out being very simple, as the instinct of a little child who says, ‘It’s not fair.’ And ‘You are not the boss of me.’ It’s something in us who knows that, right? And it ends up being a worldview that questions hierarchy altogether.”

- Gloria Steinem


Gloria: In Her Own Words (2011) - Documentary Feature - Learning - Life Stories

This screening guide is designed for classroom teachers and facilitators to incorporate excerpts of Gloria: In Her Own Words and over four hours of additional interviews with Gloria Steinem in the Interview Archive. These materials explore many themes and topics of study, including the history of social movements; gender studies; the history of reproductive rights; self image; civil rights; and the media. The guide contains background information and context on key figures of the women’s movement, as well as suggested pre- and post- viewing discussion questions and activities. 

These materials will help students understand the personal story behind one of the most public figures of the women’s movement—past and present. Students will be able to:

*Identify the goals, tactics, and strategies of the burgeoning women’s movement of the 1970s

*Understand how Steinem’s relationship with her family both complicated and inspired her passions and ambitions

*Connect contemporary social and political issues for women with the past half century of struggle for gender equity

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