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History - Life Stories

(L-R) Peter, George and Teddy Kunhardt filming Living With Lincoln

Life Stories is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit media organization that creates and distributes documentary films and educational resources about people whose lives inspire meaningful change. Our interviews, series, films, and educational content address issues of social justice, history, politics, the arts, and culture by shining the spotlight on relatable human stories of purpose and meaning in times of collective change. We provide open access to all of our content for communities and classrooms through our curated website and YouTube channel.

Preserving and sharing these stories enables us to connect with each other on a deep personal level. John Lewis, John McCain, Gloria Steinem, Warren Buffett, Joan Baez, Bryan Stevenson, Dolores Huerta, David Brooks, George Takei, former U.S. presidents, and hundreds more share the different paths they’ve taken to lead meaningful lives. By capturing the stories of influential and inspiring changemakers who have made significant contributions to society, we weave them into the public consciousness. By engaging with them, we find the passions and purpose in our own stories.

Life Stories is a division of the Kunhardt Film Foundation, which was founded by the Kunhardt family, award-winning producers of documentaries that have introduced a generation of viewers to artists, cultural, political, and civil rights leaders. These films have explored what guides the moral leadership of individuals behind social movements, revealed the inner workings of cultural institutions, and captured the changes that unfolded in our nation during times of struggle. From then to now, Life Stories showcases diverse perspectives and emphasizes the importance of connection in an era when the world needs it most.

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