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'Til The River Runs Clear - Documentary Feature (2007) - Films & Series - Life Stories

Originally aired on PBS in 2007 and produced by the Emmy-award-winning filmmakers at Kunhardt Film Foundation, ’Til The River Runs Clear is a powerful documentary that follows folk singer Pete Seeger and his team’s environmental efforts to clean up New York’s Hudson River. By the mid-1960s, the Hudson River had become one of America’s most polluted waterways. To draw attention to its heavily polluted waters, Seeger helped launch the ‘Clearwater,’ a wooden sloop that would eventually sail across the Hudson. With funding from impromptu music festivals featuring some of America’s greatest performers and a dedicated crew of Seeger’s family and friends, Seeger’s campaign became a massive success. Decades later, the ‘Clearwater’ is still active, hosting onboard educational programs that continue to protect and preserve the Hudson’s ecosystems. Featuring original interviews and musical performances, ’Til The River Runs Clear is an inspiring tribute to Seeger’s environmental activism, and his love for the Hudson River.

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